Ultra-Performance, 200W 10” Subwoofer With Dual 10” Bass Radiators


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DN10’s unique 3XR™ Architecture means it delivers all the bass you need and then some, performing significantly louder and clearer than other 10” subwoofers.

Deep Impact

As low as 28Hz

Loud & Clear

Unique 3XR™ Architecture

More Bass

Like a 12” subwoofer in a 10” sub cabinet


3XR™ Architecture

Even More Bass
from the Same

Descend’s unique 3XR™ Architecture provides triple the bass-producing surface area of a traditional ported subwoofer. This extra surface area moves more air, resulting in massive low end. And because 3XR doesn’t use ports, it also provides crystal-clear sound with no port noise distortion.

Passive Radiators
for louder, lower,
cleaner bass

As the core technology behind Descend’s 3XR™ Architecture, its passive bass radiators enable the DN10 to play as loud and low as a 12” ported sub without unwanted port noise distortion. Passive radiators also deliver a smooth frequency response like a sealed sub, but with the port-like ability to play louder and lower in a smaller enclosure.

What you get is the best of both worlds: louder, clearer bass than a ported sub from a smaller enclosure than a sealed sub.

10” Descend DN10
as much bass as a ported 12” subwoofer

Powerful Amplification

Deep Impact

The DN10 is equipped with a 500-watt peak custom Class D digital amplifier, designed to get the most out of the DN10’s 3XR™ Architecture. This custom amplification provides the DN10 enough power and efficiency to play as low as 28Hz without taking up a ton of space.

Custom Class D Digital Amplification
for deep bass

Because the DN10 Class D amplifier is so efficient, little power is wasted as heat, and its entire output is dedicated to providing significantly smoother bass and greater impact. This allows the DN10 to blend naturally into any audio system while producing greater volume and significantly deeper impact than competing designs.

Control & Customization

Plays Well With

You can customize the DN10 to the needs of your application, system and space. The DN10 features built-in controls for variable volume, low pass filter and phase (0/180°) for optimum bass levels and the ability to customize it to the specific needs of your system.

Back Panel Controls
for optimized bass levels

Manually adjust DN10’s variable volume, low pass filter, and phase so it always sounds perfect within your system.

Variable Volume

Adjust the volume level of your subwoofer to ensure perfectly proportioned bass for your audio system and your room.

One, two,
or four subs

Multiple subwoofers
smooth out peaks
and valleys

One subwoofer for increased bass performance

Two subwoofers for smooth bass impact

Four subwoofers for thunderous, smooth bass impact