dymension ci pro series

Dymension CI PRO Series

With the Dymension CI™ PRO Series, we’ve leveraged years of research and engineering to innovate an in-wall/in-ceiling speaker line that delivers the Definitive Technology sound and performance you expect, for every budget.
pivoting aluminum oxide dome
mineral filled woofer
sophisticated crossovers




seamless sound and elegance
Dymension CI PRO Series

Seamless Sound, Affordable Elegance

The Dymension CI PRO Series brings Definitive Technology’s sought-after acoustic innovations to affordable in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that never compromise on sound quality or performance. Discreet, adjustable in-ceiling and in-wall speakers provide clear, consistent sound for anything from simple whole-home audio to media rooms and home theaters to light commercial applications.

An affordable every-space solution for home and commercial installed sound.

whole home audio
versatile commercial applications
flexible cinema sound

Speakers That Are Heard, Not Seen

Speakers That Are Heard, Not Seen

A simple, two-piece system with pivoting “dog” arms installs effortlessly—no tools, no hassles. Pre-construction brackets are available for all Dymension CI models.

Integrated frames and baffles; paintable, micro-perforated magnetic grilles; and a flush, border-free design mean speakers fade into the background for a virtually invisible appearance that’s in perfect harmony with your space.

Multiple woofer sizes provide unparalleled design freedom to strategically position speakers within your home or business. Whether you seek seamless integration in compact spaces or crave room-filling audio in large areas, the choice of 6.5” or 8” woofers empowers you to sculpt a sonic landscape that balances form and function.

The DC-65 PRO SI, with its two inputs and dual voice coil woofer, produces stereo sound in a single round ceiling speaker. It fits in small spaces that can be impractical for speaker pairs, like kitchens, showers, entryways, and under eaves.

With Dymension, fidelity runs in the family: Combine timbre-matched Dymension, Dymension CI, and Mythos speakers and Descend Series subwoofers to design the high-performance home theater system of your dreams.

toolless installation toolless installation discreet design multiple speaker sizes single speaker stereo solution timbre-matching
toolless installation

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What Obsession Sounds Like

We earned our award-winning reputation by crafting speakers of the highest performance and quality standards. Our signature sound delivers an immersive sound field, ultra-wide dynamic range, crystal clear highs, and thunderous bass, delivering thrilling experience to movie & music lovers like you.

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