dymension ci max series

Dymension CI MAX Series

The Dymension CI™ MAX Series, Definitive Technology’s highest-performance installed speaker line, leverages our most advanced acoustic innovations in discreet, adjustable in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that provide breathtaking sound.
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elevated acoustics disappearing design
Dymension CI MAX Series

Elevated Acoustics, Disappearing Design

Dymension CI MAX Series delivers iconic Definitive Technology sound in the most sophisticated home theaters without compromising the aesthetics of your space. Comprised of eight models, including in-ceiling speakers and surrounds, in-wall LCRs, and a bipolar in-wall surround, the MAX series speakers produce rich, balanced sound with effortless bass and crystal clear highs.

For sound that never competes with your space.

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Maximum-Performance Sound for Every Space

Maximum-Performance Sound for Every Space

Dymension CI MAX Series in-ceiling surround speakers all feature our patented pivoting woofer design. Pivoting woofers allow for speakers to be installed virtually anywhere—even sloped and coffered ceilings—while pointing sound exactly where you want it, for expansive, front-row sound anywhere in the room.

A three-position high-frequency attenuation switch (-2 dB, flat, + 2 dB) adjusts tweeter response to compensate for acoustic issues like overly bright- or dull-sounding rooms.

A simple, two-piece system with pivoting “dog” arms installs effortlessly, in minutes—no tools, no hassles. Pre-construction brackets are available for all Dymension CI models.

An integrated frame and baffle; paintable micro-perforated magnetic grille; and flush, border-free design mean speakers fade into the background for a virtually invisible appearance that’s in perfect harmony with your space.

The Dymension CI DW-MAX SUR in-wall bipolar surround speaker fills the room with expansive, room-filling sound. A bipolar array—a signature Definitive Technology design —orients both woofers and tweeters on opposite-facing horizontal planes. This innovative arrangement directs sound in more directions than traditional speakers, energizing the room to create an expansive sound field with an extremely wide sweet spot, for a truly engaging home theater experience.

patented pivoting woofer patented pivoting woofer Tweeter Attenuation Switch Toolless Installation Discreet Design Bipolar Technology
patented pivoting woofer

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We earned our award-winning reputation by crafting speakers of the highest performance and quality standards. Our signature sound delivers an immersive sound field, ultra-wide dynamic range, crystal clear highs, and thunderous bass, delivering thrilling experience to movie & music lovers like you.

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