A deep-bass powerhouse that disappears in your room, with a non-resonant sealed enclosure and paintable bezel and grille.  

IW Sub Reference

Fully Enclosed In-Wall Subwoofer

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IW Sub Reference

More Bass for
Your Space

Enjoy deep, high-impact bass without
wasting floor space

Deep Lows

13” active subwoofer pressure-coupled to a
13” ultra low bass radiator

Easy to

Fits in standard new or existing
wall construction

Broad-Bass Technology

13” In-Wall Driver

The IW Sub Reference includes a special shallow-depth, long-excursion active 13" driver pressure-coupled to its Ultra-Low Bass Radiator to produce deep, formidible bass.

Ultra-Low Bass Radiator
for expansive depth

The active 13” woofer and 13" Ultra-Low Bass radiator boast a combined bass radiating surface area of over 265 square inches—more than an 18” woofer but with greater speed and control for tighter, deeper, more powerful bass.

The SubAmp 600
for real low-end power

The IW Sub Reference is externally powered, so there's no need for installers to run electrical to the in-wall subwoofers. The outboard SubAmp 600 (required, not included) can power up to two IW Sub Reference subwoofers, even in different rooms.

With this unbeatable combination, installers enjoy the same ease of installation with in-wall subs as they do with in-wall speakers.

Installation Flexibility

Customize to your home

Whether new or existing construction, walls or ceilings, residential or commercial, the IW Sub Reference presents a simple, secure installation. From metal pivoting lock arms to paintable grilles and frames to fully sealed enclosures, Definitive Technology engineers designed speakers that put installation simplicity on equal footing with sound quality.

Fully Enclosed
for powerful sound where you want it

To play bass in the room it’s intended for, rather than spilling into adjacent rooms via walls and ceilings, The IW Sub Reference is fully enclosed and sealed with dense, acoustically inert, anti-resonant, anti-vibration Medite® wood. You’ll hear tight, powerful bass with no distortion or buzzing.

Paintable Grilles
for the final custom touch

The IW Sub Reference’s grille is paintable, with easy step-by-step instructions.