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ProCinema Series

ProCinema Series systems and speakers boast legendary Definitive Technology sound driven by proprietary innovations such as BDSS™ drivers, annealed aluminum dome tweeters, and anti-resonance cabinetry — in compact designs that fit any room.

Signature Sound


Experience Definitive Technology’s signature sound even in spaces without the room for a full-sized speaker system. Whether playing music, movies, or video games, ProCinema Series speakers and systems envelop you in simple-to-setup, thrilling audio experience.

Theater-Quality Drivers & Radiators
for big-speaker performance

ProCinema Series speakers and systems share the same legendary engineering and technology as the best Definitive Technology floorstanding loudspeakers, custom-designed for smaller spaces.

Aluminum Tweeters

ProCinema Series speakers utilize the same aluminum tweeter material as our top floorstanding speakers. Aluminum is light and stiff, making it the ideal material for a driver that must move beyond 20,000 times per second to reproduce the highest frequencies we can hear. You'll hear clean, detailed highs that produce "air" and dimension in the room.

ProCenter Center Channel Speakers
for crystal-clear dialogue and a full soundstage

When building a ProCinema Series home theater system, choose between the ProCenter 1000 and the ProCenter 2000 center channel speakers. Both speakers share identical form factors, with non-resonant PolyStone cabinets, aluminum dome tweeters, BDSS mid/bass drivers, and passive radiators. The ProCenter 2000, with its larger BDSS drivers and passive radiators, is for larger rooms.

ProMonitor Satellite Speakers
for impactful sound in a compact package

ProMonitor satellite speakers are built with BDSS woofers and aluminum dome tweeters housed in dense enclosures, enabling them to sound much bigger than they are. The biggest difference as you move up in size is the diameter of the BDSS drivers and their bass output, ensuring you always get as much impactful sound as you need.

ProCinema 6D System Subwoofer
for bottomless bottom-end

The ProCinema 6D System comes with a dedicated 8” subwoofer, adding powerful deep bass that turns your sound system into full Pro Cinema.

This impressive subwoofer features a dense, non-resonant monocoque enclosure, a built-in power amplifier with our proprietary PowerField® amp/woofer-matching technology and a passive bass radiator for clear, impactful bass in a compact package.

High-end Enclosures
for high-end sound

Select ProCinema Series satellite speakers are housed in super-tough, anti-resonant PolyStone™ enclosures. The ProCinema 6D System subwoofer features a non-resonant monocoque enclosure and low-diffraction construction. All this super-sturdy construction delivers impactful audio into the room with no cabinet “hollow sound” or buzzing.

PolyStone™ enclosures for satellites

Monocoque enclosures for the system sub

Beautiful audio every time

Versatile & Flexible

Your Cinema,
Your Way

With a wide array of mix-and-match speaker choices and an all-in-one system option, your high end home cinema system is as simple as a click away, or as configurable as you need it to be.

Full System or by-Speaker
the perfect solution for any need

Each ProCinema Series speaker and subwoofer model is available individually — meaning you can start a system with two speakers for a high-end stereo setup. Add a a ProCenter for a clear, powerful television setup, or go full surround with two more monitors for true surround sound. You can create any system you need.

Or, make it easy with the full 5.1 ProCinema 6D System which gives you everything you need for a full home cinema speaker setup in one box, and includes its own dedicated subwoofer.

ProCinema 6D System
for one-box surround sound home cinema

Nothing is more satisfying than discovering a full 5.1-channel speaker/subwoofer system that fits your room as if you designed it yourself. With each speaker voiced to mesh perfectly with the rest and packed with proprietary, universally-acclaimed technology, the ProCinema 6D System provides big-room sound for any size home theater.

Stand & Mount Options
for convenient placement

Select ProMonitor satellite speakers feature built-in, removable stands, and all can be wall-mounted. For ultimate versatility and placement options, choose either the optional ProMount wall-mounting brackets or the optional ProStand tall speaker stands.