What Do We Mean by

There’s a fine line between loving sound and being obsessed with it. Or so we’ve been told. Because when it comes to making things sound their absolute best, we have a hard time believing that “good enough” is good enough. Even greatness is not enough. Sound must be flawless. Perfect. Uncompromising.

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Signature Sound

We earned our award-winning reputation by crafting loudspeakers of the highest performance and quality standards. These loudspeakers provide an unmatched, signature sound, renowned globally for their big, immersive sound field, ultra-wide dynamic range, crystal clear highs and thunderous bass. In short, speakers that deliver thrilling experiences to music and movie lovers like you, wherever you live, work or play.

Our Mission,
Our Promise

We don’t just want you to hear the movie—we want you to feel like you’re in it.  When you listen to music, we want you to be thrilled that your Definitive Technology speakers reveal details that you’ve never heard before—even on your thousandth listen. And when you move from room to room or even outdoors, rest assured that the Definitive Technology sound and performance you love will be right there with you. Our over three decades of dedicated fans, plus countless awards and accolades, are testament to that fact.

That’s What Obsession Sounds Like.