About Us

What Obsession Sounds Like

When it comes to making things sound their absolute best, we know that “good enough” isn’t good enough. Even greatness is not enough. Sound must be flawless. Perfect. Uncompromising.

Redefining Performance Audio

We Believe Every Detail Deserves to Be Heard.

We don’t just want you to hear the movie—we want you to feel like you’re in it. When you listen to music, we want you to be thrilled that your Definitive Technology speakers reveal details that you’ve never heard before—even on your thousandth listen.

Technologies Honed for Audio Excellence

At Definitive Technology, we are constantly pushing the envelope, developing and patenting novel technologies in the pursuit of audio perfection

Experience Our Sound In Person

Visit a Definitive Technology dealer to experience audio obsession in real life. Feel the power of audio excellence for yoruself.

Unforgettable Audio Performance, Wherever You Are

integrated audio solutions

Integrated Audio Solutions

Driven by the same innovations and technologies that create our iconic loudspeaker sound, Definitive Technology’s custom install speakers deliver loudspeaker-quality audio to any room in your home or business.