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Ultra-Compact Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

How much power does my Definitive Technology W7 consume when idle?
5.3 watts with a 120 volt input.
Can I use the Definitive Technology W7 with an Ethernet connection?

Yes, you can since the W7 includes an Ethernet input. A hardwired Ethernet connection can provide a faster transfer rate than a wireless connection. And there is virtually no limit to the number of wireless devices you can use at the same time when connected via an Ethernet connection.

What is the Definitive Technology W7?

The W7 is an ultra-compact audiophile-grade wireless speaker that is part of the Definitive Technology Wireless Collection, a series of wireless products that lets you stream your favorite music services like Pandora, Spotify, Sirius XM, Internet radio and your personal music library from the convenience of your phone, tablet or computer over your existing home Wi-Fi network. Start with one and then add more products from the Wireless Collection throughout your home.

The W7 is a great choice for those who demand superior audio performance in any room, especially in smaller living spaces. Its innovative cube-shaped design and tripolar driver configuration evenly distributes clear, accurate sound across a wide sound stage and also radiates sound off surrounding walls. Its five built-in drivers are powered by dedicated amplifiers. It features one 4" front-firing mid/bass driver and four 1" front- and side-firing aluminum dome tweeters, plus two 4" side-mounted passive radiators for extended bass response. The W7 is available in black and white.

What do the lights mean on the Definitive Technology W7?

Wi-Fi LED On Front Button Panel

Solid White Light

Rapid Blinking White Light
-Searching for network

Double Blinking White Light
-WPS Mode

Pulsing White Light 
-Wi-Fi Setup Mode

Wi-Fi LEDs on Front Lower Right Corner of Speaker Behind Grille Sock


Far Right Solid White Light
-Playing content

Far Right Pulsing White Light


Far Left Solid White Light 
-Optical Input (if muted via play/pause button light will flash slowly)

Two Solid White Lights
-AUX 2 (RCA) (if muted via play/pause button light will flash slowly)

How do I change sources on my Definitive Technology W7?
Press the source button (< >) on the speaker to change sources.
How do I connect my TV to my Definitive Technology W7?
If you want to play sound from your TV through the W7, you can use either the optical or AUX input. Keep in mind that the W7 does not decode Dolby Digital so the audio output format will need to be set to PCM in order for the w7 to play the sound from your TV. If you are using AUX, Connect a 3.5mm stereo cable from the AUX-IN on the W7 to the Line Out on your TV.
Can I change the grille sock on my Definitive Technology W7?
The grille sock is permanently attached to the W7. They are not interchangeable. If the sock gets dirty, you can use a lint roller or vacuum to remove debris from the fabric.
Do I have to turn the Definitive Technology W7 off when I'm not using it?
Not necessarily since the speaker is always active on your network and available for use when you want to play music from it. Simply turn on the speaker within the app--that's all you have to do.
How can I use my Definitive Technology W7 as a wireless rear speaker with my W Studio?
Currently Play-Fi does not support "rebroadcasting" rear channel or input sources across the network.
What do I use the USB port for on the back of the Definitive Technology W7?

You can use the USB port in the following instances:

- As a charging port for any USB powered device (ex. smartphone, tablet, iPod, etc.)

- Manual firmware updates via a USB flash drive (please contact Customer Service at 800-223-5246 for more information)

Can I play music files from a flash drive plugged into the USB port?
What is wireless surround sound?

Our wireless surround sound system utilizes Play-Fi enabled speakers in a 5.1 configuration. The W Studio Micro sound bar acts as the front center, left and right channels, while its included subwoofer provides the bass. A pair of W7 or W9 wireless speakers--or any other set of Play-Fi enabled speakers--are then needed as left and right rear surrounds to enjoy a true Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 experience. When playing content that is encoded with surround sound, this setup gives you everything you need to enjoy a wireless surround sound experience.

How do I set up wireless surround sound using the Definitive Technology app?

The very first thing you want to do is set up each Play-Fi enabled speaker on your wireless network and install any updates that are mentioned during setup. Make sure to name each speaker differently so they are easy to identify later on. 

DO NOT install any Definitive Technology Utility app updates until AFTER the Definitive Technology app has updated the speakers on your network. This ensures proper system function. 

Once the updates are installed, select the the settings wheel on the Definitive Technology app and then select "Surround Sound". 

In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the "+" button to create a new "Surround Sound System". 

The guided app will take you through the full setup by selecting "Next".

Note: This process is the same for all three speaker placements but the Front position must be a compatible Play-Fi sound bar (ex. W Studio Micro). If no compatible sound bars are found, you will not be able to continue. 

Now select "Set Front." 

The app will automatically recognize all compatible sound bars. 

Choose the sound bar that you want to set up, followed by setting the distance of the sound bar from your listening position (to the closest foot). 

Select "Next" to continue. 

Select "Set Surround Left" to choose the left speaker, as well as setting the distance of the speaker to your listening position (to the closest foot). 

Select "Next" to continue. 

Select "Set Surround Right" to choose the right speaker, as well as setting the distance of the speaker to your listening position (to the closest foot). 

Select "Next" to continue. 

Once you have selected all three speakers, select "Done" on the bottom of the Surround Set-Up page. 

The Definitive Technology app will now set up your wireless surround sound system. 

Once your wireless surround sound system is set up and you can select "Done."

Note: Be patient. This process can take some time.

What do I need to create a wireless surround sound system?

You will need an W Studio Micro sound bar and two rear speakers that are Play-Fi enabled, like the W7 or W9. And you will need a smartphone or tablet to control your wireless surround setup through the Definitive Technology app.

Can I use my wireless surround speakers as separate speakers for streaming music?

Yes, but you will need to configure them in the Definitive Technology app to listen to them. This involves unpairing them as surrounds and setting them back up as normal Play-Fi speakers.

If I have my wireless surround system set up and I play music from the Definitive Technology app, will I hear music coming from all of the speakers?

The Definitive Technology app will only play to the front left and front right channels of the sound bar. The rear speakers will only play when there is a signal from the Optical or Analog inputs.

Why is it important to set the speaker distances in my wireless surround system?

Speaker Distances are used to calibrate the delay in the home theater system. This makes the system sound more life-like. The distance of a particular speaker is the physical measurement (as close as you can) from the front of the speaker to the center of your listening position (couch,chair,etc.).

Can I use a single speaker as a wireless rear surround?

Two speakers (W7, W9 or any other Play-Fi enable speaker) are needed for wireless rears. One speaker will not work.

How do I adjust the volume of my wireless surround system?

Once you have set up the surround system, you will be able to adjust the volume. 

From the Surround Sound menu in the Definitive Technology app, select the system you want to adjust. 

Then select the "Relative Volume" EDIT button. 

This is how you adjust the master audio level, which controls the audio output level of the whole group (this can also be done using the physical buttons on each speaker or the remote of sound bar).

How do I change the speaker distances once the wireless surround sound system is set up?

From the Surround Sound menu in the Definitive Technology app, select the system you want to adjust. 

Then, select the "Speaker Distances" EDIT button. 

This will allow you to adjust the distance settings for each product in the group and the relative volume (aka "Trim") of the Surround Left and Surround Right speakers. 

If you're playing content through the wireless surround sound system at the time, changing these settings will take place immediately and won't interrupt playback, so you'll be able to fine tune on the fly.

When connected with an optical cable, why am I not hearing sound from my wireless surround speakers on some programming but not all?

This has to do with the programming's recorded audio format. The W Studio Micro decodes sound information in its native format. That means that if the programming is recorded in stereo (Front Left & Front Right), then it will be played back in stereo. If the programming is recorded in Dolby Digital, then it will be played back through all of the speakers.

How do I remove a wireless surround sound system?

Select the Surround Sound option from the Setting wheel. Click the three dots next to the Surround Sound system you want to remove. Next, select "Delete" from the drop-down. A confirmation pop up will appear and select "Delete." The un-pairing process may take a few minutes so be patient. Once the system un-pairs, your speakers will revert back to their individual names.

What can I do to ensure optimal performance of my new wireless surround system?

The farther your system is away from your router, the more buffering or "dropouts" may occur. So we recommend that your router be as close to the system as possible. If needed, a Wireless Access Point can be added to the system to increase coverage and stability. Additionally, we highly suggest setting up your Definitive Technology W Studio Micro sound bar and two Play-Fi enable rear speakers (ex. W7 or W9 on the 5 GHz band of your router or access point. 5 GHz is faster than the 2.4 GHz band and we've found it to be more stable in this environment.

Where is the best place to position my wireless surround speakers for optimal performance?

Unlike the front three speakers in the sound bar that must produce sharply focused images, the job of your surround channels is to envelop the audience in diffused sound known as ambiance. To do this well, the rear speakers should not (with the exception of localized 5.1 channel effects) call attention to themselves as sources of sound.

For these reasons, surround speakers work best when elevated at least two feet above the seated listeners' heads (a height of six to seven feet above the ground is considered normal), and mounted on the side walls in line with or slightly behind the audience.

I'm trying to play music to more than one speaker, but sound is only coming from the primary speaker. What can I do to fix this?

Most likely, a group or stereo pair setting may have been changed. A speaker could have been renamed, dropped off the network and come back online, or the addressing in the router may have changed. Either way, going through speaker setup on more than one speaker can take time and most likely won’t work.

We would suggest power cycling your network in a specific order to reset all of your network connections.

1. Remove all groups, stereo pairs, Spotify groups, etc.
2. Unplug all Play-Fi speakers and leave them powered OFF
3. Turn OFF phones/tablets/etc that are running the app (just to be safe)
4. Unplug your router for 30 sec. and then plug back in
5. Wait until the router boots all the way back up and then turn ON all phones/tablets/etc. 
6. Plug in all Play-Fi speakers

If I have my wireless surround system set up and I play music from the Definitive Technology app, will I hear music coming from all of the speakers?

The Definitive Technology app will only play to the front left and front right channels of the sound bar. The rear speakers will only play when there is a signal from the Optical or Analog inputs.



    How to Set Up the Definitive Technology W7 Wireless Speaker


    Learn how to set up and connect the Definitive Technology Wireless Collection W7 on your home's Wi-Fi network for your Android device to revel in big, room-filling audio in minutes. And, get more information about registering your product, extended warranties, software updates, exclusive Definitive Technology sales and more special announcements.

Technical Specifications


  • Total Pieces


  • Cabinet Warranty
    1 years
  • Drivers Warranty
    1 years

Shipping Cartons

  • Carton 1
    10.2" (25.91 cm) h x 8.9" (22.61 cm) w x 8.9" (22.61 cm) d -

Wireless Speaker

  • Total Pieces
  • Availability
  • Height
    6.9" (17.53 cm)
  • Width
    5.9" (14.99 cm)
  • Depth
    6.6" (16.76 cm)
  • Materials
    Aluminum, Fabric
  • Front Array Driver Complement
    • (4)  1" (2.54 cm) d (Round) Tweeter - Tweeter
    • (1)  4" (10.16 cm) d (Round) Mid/Woofer - Tweeter
    • (2)  4" (10.16 cm) d (Round) Bass Radiator - Tweeter

Wireless Technology

  • Wireless
  • Wireless Protocol
    802.11n - 2.4GHz or 5.8GHz
  • Note
    2.4GHz & 5.8GHz
  • DTS Play-Fi (App Required)


  • Audio Inputs
    • USB (Firmware updates, ) (Phone charging)
    • Toslink Optical
    • Analog 3.5mm Mini-Jack (AUX)
  • USB
  • USB Uses
    • Firmware updates
    • Phone charging
  • Ethernet