Demand Series D15 High-Performance Tower Speaker with Dual 8" Passive Bass Radiators

  • D15 high-performance, 3-way tower speakers deliver full-range, room-filling sound and precise imaging in a modern, elegant styling
  • 6.5” BDSS™ drivers provide greater excursion and output that results in superior mid-range detail compared to drivers of similar size
  • Laterally offset tweeter assembly: Reduces unwanted diffraction for a more precise center image in music reproduction
  • 1” annealed aluminum dome tweeter with 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™ delivers accurate, precise, smooth highs, a wider sound stage and precise imaging
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  • 1,399.00 Each
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  • 1,399.00 Each
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Demand D15

Definitive Technology Demand D15 high-performance tower speakers deliver full-range, room-filling sound and precise imaging in a modern, elegant styling. Ideal for small to medium rooms, the Demand D15 leverages exclusive technologies of the Demand Series such as a 1” annealed aluminum dome tweeter and BDSS™ midrange/woofer sections, new carbon fiber woofers and dual side-firing passive radiators. The Demand D15 is fully equipped to deliver smoother high-frequency reproduction and three-dimensional imaging from the most technically advanced and beautifully designed premium tower speaker. Demand more from your Hi-Fi and home theater experience.

3-Way Configuration with Dual 8" Passive Radiators 

The Demand D15 tower speakers feature an exclusive 3-way driver configuration with a 1” annealed aluminum dome tweeter, a 5.25” BDSS™ midrange woofer, a dual 5.25” carbon fiber bass drivers complement with a dual 8” side firing passive radiator configuration for a full range, room-filling sonic performance.



Definitive Technology sets the standard of minimalist, thoughtful design that serves to better the sound. Proper tweeters must excel in three ways: they must be stiff, light, and well-damped in order to minimize their material characteristics that will affect high-frequency reproduction. Aluminum is naturally stiff and lightweight, meeting the first two requirements. To achieve the third, Definitive Technology tweeters undergo an annealing (heat treating) process to shape and soften the material, thereby providing the necessary material damping.

Coupled with the 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™, Definitive Technology 1” aluminum dome tweeters deliver a clear, precise high frequency response and the 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens smooths high frequencies off the tweeter for improved dispersion and a rich and balanced listening experience anywhere in your room. 

A unique sonic signature feature of the Demand Series, the tweeter is offset to deliver a more precise center stereo image and eliminate undesirable symmetric diffraction off the corners of the front baffle. 

BDSS™ Midrange/woofer

Balanced Double Surround System

Patented Double Surround mid-range provides greater linear excursion and output that results in superior mid-range detail compared to drivers of similar size. 


Patented Linear Response Waveguide extends both on and off axis frequency response, while improving dispersion for more natural mid-range timbre and more precise imaging.  

Newly Designed Carbon Fiber Woofers

This new addition to the sonic signature of the Demand Series tower features a dedicated woofer section for low frequency reproduction. Carbon fiber offers greater rigidity to the cone for deeper bass notes, while preventing cone distortion that can occur with other less rigid materials. Carbon fiber is a strong but light material, ideal for sound reproduction. It ensures that the woofers are sturdy yet light, able to handle higher excursion without deforming and provides deeper, clean low frequency.

Extruded Aluminum Front Baffle

Clean, beautiful modern industrial design with an extruded Aluminum front baffle bead blasted finish that provides a timeless look and feel that fits any décor. Lightweight, durable and recyclable, aluminum is truly the metal of a modern lifestyle.

Premium Hi-Fi Crossover

Demand Series crossovers integrate the latest in design and premium Hi-Fi quality parts. Polypropylene metal-film capacitors and air-core inductors deliver low distortion, high-clarity circuits for the circuits for the tweeter, and signal linearity for the low frequency reproduction, without compromising the midrange.

Designed in California 

Our Design Studio is located in California, where technology and innovation meet entertainment. It goes beyond the idea of a centralized location — it’s a cultural mindset that’s the Definitive Technology wellspring for creativity and inspiration. 

5-layer painted high-gloss black cabinet

Hand-crafted to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle, with a near-mirror finish

Acoustically Transparent Magnetic Grille

Grilles can be removed easily when you want to enjoy looking at them fully uncovered while ensuring natural, uncolored sound when placed on the speaker

High power handling

5-year warranty on parts and labor

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Tech Specs


  • Total Pieces


  • Included Accessories
    • (1) Acoustically transparent magnetic speaker grilles
    • (4) Carpet Spikes
    • (4) Hard Floor Glides
    • (4) Lock Rings
    • (4) Screws
    • (1) Cleaning Cloth


  • Cabinet Warranty
    5 years
  • Drivers Warranty
    5 years
  • Original Purchaser Only

High-Performance Tower Speaker

  • Qty Included
  • Orientation
  • Height
    40.78" (103.58 cm)
  • Width
    9.05" (22.99 cm)
  • Depth
    12.86" (32.66 cm)
  • Weight
    52 lbs (23.59 kg)
  • Driver Enclosure Type
    MDF cabinet with extruded natural bead-blasted aluminum front baffle
  • Driver Complement
    • (1)  1" (2.54 cm) d (Round) Annealed Aluminum Dome and Laterally Offset - Tweeter
    • (1)  5.25" (13.34 cm) d (Round) Polypropylene BDSS Bass - Midrange
    • (2)  5.25" (13.34 cm) d (Round) Carbonfiber woofer - Mid/Woofer
    • (2)  8" (20.32 cm) d (Round) Passive - Bass Radiator

Audio Quality

  • Total Frequency Response
    39 Hz → 24,000 Hz
  • Nominal Impedance
    8 ohms
  • Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 meter)
    85.5 dB
  • Lower and Upper -3dB Limits
    48 Hz → 22,000 Hz


  • Audio Inputs
  • Speaker Inputs
    (1) (Set) 5-Way Binding Posts - Gold-Plated

External Amplifier

  • Recommended Amplifier Power Per Channel
    30 watts → 300 watts
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