Legacy Products

These models have been discontinued and may no longer be available to purchase

  • BP6B

    Floor-standing Bipolar Loudspeaker

  • BP10B

    Floor-standing Bipolar Loudspeaker

  • C/L/R2002

    Center Channel Speaker

  • Cube

    Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Incline

    Computer / Desktop Speakers

  • SoloCinema Studio

    Sound Bar

  • Symphony 1

    Premium Audiophile Headphones

The Wireless Collection 

The Wireless Collection was created for audio aficionados with unrelenting expectations, a discerning ear and an unwavering passion for sound, so you can obsess over every beautiful detail in the music you can't live without, everywhere in your home—wirelessly.


Flagship Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speaker

699.00 each

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Ultra-Compact Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speaker

399.00 each

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Studio Monitor Series

Studio Monitor Series bookshelf speakers were designed to load big speaker audio into deceptively small dimensions.

Mythos Series 

The Mythos Series consists of slim, elegant speakers with aircraft grade Aluminum enclosures—all designed to match styling of the day's flat panel TVs.