Home Theater Systems of the Highest Order

Tune in with our precision sound taking everything you watch to unprecedented sonic levels. And hear what obsession sounds like with Definitive Technology home theater systems pushing the limits of your listening experience.

ProCinema 600 System

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6-Piece 5.1 Channel Home Theater Speaker System


719.10 each

ProCinema 800 System

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Six piece, 5.1 channel home theater speaker system

1,199.00 system

The Seduction of Variety

From traditional component speaker arrays, to on-wall, in-wall and in-ceiling options, to our elite sound bar systems and more, find the perfect home theater setup for the look and feel you demand.

W Studio Micro

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Ultra-Slim 3.1 Wireless Sound Bar & Music Streaming System


799.00 system

W Studio

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Sound Bar System with Wireless Streaming


1,099.00 system



Key drivers positioned on the front and rear panels of the loudspeaker radiate sound in two directions, maximizing the soundstage while maintaining a precise center image so the sweet spot is wherever you are listening.


Balanced Double Surround System

Developed with patented BDSS™ technology, high definition drivers with unique cones and rubber surrounds deliver more precise sound at all volumes.


Aircraft-Grade Aluminum

An aluminum alloy we acoustically treat and then engineer into many of our products that is widely acclaimed for its strength and rigidity.


Intelligent Bass Control

A patent pending digital signal processor (DSP) that lets you modulate deep bass up or down in level without sacrificing exceptionally clean mid-range tonal balance.

All Systems Go

Optimum performance. Precision engineering. Detailed, minimalist design. It's a wonderful convergence of technology and art that we've achieved with our home theater systems—giving you full-range, room-filling sound and an inspired look to behold during every single day of ownership.

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Build Your Perfect Definitive Technology System

Use our exclusive system builder to find the right Definitive Technology speakers for your home.