Floor-Standing Speakers that Stand and Deliver

Definitive Technology floor-standing speakers maintain a bold presence in your home to match their full-range power. A look, feel and sound that always pique your attention, yet never overwhelm the ambiance you’ve worked so hard to establish. So, go ahead and fill any room with outstanding fidelity from our physically and sonically imposing floor-standing speakers.

Floor Standing Speaker Collections 

  • High-Performance Bipolar Tower Speakers with Integrated or Optional Atmos/DTSx Height Modules 

  • High-Performance Tower Speakers with Laterally Offset Tweeters and Dual Passive Bass Radiators 


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Demand Series D17 High-Performance Tower Speaker with Dual 10" Passive Bass Radiators  Learn More

1,749.00 each


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Demand Series D15 High-Performance Tower Speaker with Dual 8" Passive Bass Radiators  Learn More

1,399.00 each

Towers of Pure Performance

With features like Forward Focused Bipolar Array, aluminum dome tweeters, high definition drivers, integrated powered subwoofers and Intelligent Bass Control, Definitive Technology floor-standing speakers bring remarkable, immersive sound wherever you put them.

Tonality that Truly Stands Out

Nothing beats floor-standing speakers for high output and ultra-realistic dynamic range. Choose from a variety of models that offer elegant styling, precise accuracy and big, room-filling excitement.

Key Technology


Balanced Double Surround System

Developed with patented BDSS™ technology, high definition drivers with unique cones and rubber surrounds deliver more precise sound at all volumes.


Pure Aluminum

Versatile, lightweight and resistant to corrosion, specialized pure aluminum tweeters produce pure, accurate sound.

Bipolar Technology

Forward Focused Bipolar Array radiate sound in two directions to create wide, immersive sound dispersion and a huge, lifelike sound stage.

Definitive Performance

The most highly reviewed premium home audio brand in the USA, Definitive Technology creates award-winning products for the most discerning audiophiles, merging iconic style with uncompromising sound quality.

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