Stream Music In Every Room with Precision Sound

With the Definitive Technology Wireless Collection, you get an uncompromising line of products that gives you ultimate control to stream your favorite music to any room in your home from your phone, tablet or computer.

Obsess Over Every Note

Turn your living room into a sanctuary of sound. Hear your favorite song in high-fidelity while you prep brunch in the kitchen. Enjoy the perfect playlist as you unwind in the bedroom. Now is the time to explore the unlimited potential of streaming music throughout your home—knowing that every note is captured with the utmost detail.



Ultra-Compact Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speaker  Learn More

399.00 each


Flagship Audiophile-Grade Wireless Speaker  Learn More

699.00 each

Give Your Traditional Setup a Wireless Edge

Stream music through that famous pair of component speakers

Propel your favorite legacy receiver, turntable or processor into the digital age. Do it all with the Definitive Technology sound elevating your esteemed audio setup to exceptional new heights.

Immaculate Music Is Everything

Convenience is accessing every song in the world at the push of button. But it's how you experience it that truly matters. Now's your moment to make every song come to life as the artist intended you to hear it. Because once you feel the impact of music streaming throughout your home in all of its full-range glory that song will never be the same again.

Build Your Perfect Definitive Technology System

Use our exclusive system builder to find the right Definitive Technology speakers for your home.