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Warranty time frames

Items purchased in the United States from authorized Definitive Technology retailers are covered under the terms of your warranty agreement for the following time periods:

Type of device Timeframe
Loudspeaker Drivers, Crossovers & Cabinets: 5 Years
Loudspeaker Amplifiers & Electronics: 3 Years
Powered Sound Bars with Wireless Subwoofers: 1 Year

This warranty only applies to the original purchaser; it is not transferable. To take full advantage of your Definitive Technology Warranty, and to avoid any confusion in the future, it is best to register your new Definitive Technology loudspeaker on-line and retain your original purchase receipt.

The best way to prove the warranty status of a product is to have a copy of your original sales receipt. Many people misplace receipts and can't find them when they most need them. When you register your products on-line you may scan your sales receipts and upload them to our database where they will be permanently stored in our secure server, available only to you when you need them.

If you are unsure about these terms or about the warranty of any Definitive Technology component, please consult your Authorized Definitive Technology dealer or contact Definitive Technology directly.

Definitive Technology loudspeakers are built to exacting designs and quality tested every step of the way. They are constructed of high quality materials engineered for long life and high performance sound. We strive to build the best products possible. And we stand behind them.