Specially designed for use in custom home theaters of the highest quality, UIW RSS III speakers deliver spacious surround sound while remaining practically invisible in your wall or ceiling.


Reference In-Ceiling/In-Wall Bipolar Loudspeaker

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Naturalistic Surround

Bipolar arrays evenly disperse sound
over a broad area


Dual 1" pure aluminum dome tweeters

For Ceilings or

For maximum system and install flexibility

Invisible Surround Sound

In-Ceiling 360-Degree Sound

Featuring two aluminum dome tweeters, a pair of 3.5” cast-basket drivers and two 3.5” pressure-coupled Low Bass Radiators, the UIW RSS III produces a uniquely immersive experience that completely envelops listeners in an expansive, 360-degree soundstage.

Bipolar Technology
for a theater-like presentation

Employing Definitive Technology’s fabled Bipolar driver architecture, UIW RSS Bipolar in-wall/ in-ceiling loudspeakers fill the room with a perfect combination of direct and reflected sound for stunning surround effects.

Flagship Definitive Technology Drivers
for reference loudspeaker performance

Ultimate In-Wall Reference Series loudspeakers are designed with the same driver technologies as our flagship floorstanding speakers to deliver an ultra-realistic theater experience that’s all in the family.

Dual 1” Pure Aluminum Tweeters

The RSSIII aluminum dome tweeters deliver a clear, precise high frequency response. Their ultralight, rigid construction enables them to play significantly higher frequencies than we can hear, providing effortless, distortion-free highs within and beyond the audible range.

Installation Flexibility

Surround Sound Cinema Anywhere

Whether new or existing construction, walls or ceilings, residential or commercial, UIW Reference Series loudspeakers feature simple, secure installations. From metal pivoting lock arms to paintable grilles and frames to fully sealed enclosures, Definitive Technology engineers designed speakers that put installation simplicity on equal footing with sound quality.

Rotating Arrays
for optimal directivity

When RSS III Bipolar speakers are installed in the ceiling, the driver arrays can be rotated 90° to optimize performance for your listening area.

Fully Enclosed
for powerful sound where you want it

UIW Reference Series loudspeakers are fully enclosed and sealed with dense, acoustically inert, anti-resonant, anti-vibration Medite® wood. With the RSSIII, you’ll hear loud, accurate, uncolored midrange and tight, powerful bass with no buzzing or sound leakage into walls and ceilings.