Outdoor Speakers - Weatherproof | Definitive Technology™


All-Weather Series

All-Weather Series speakers are designed to fill your outdoor areas with full range Definitive Technology sound. Utilizing the same punch-packing passive bass radiator and BDSS™ driver technologies found in our indoor speakers and subs, All-Weather Series speakers play loud and clear with impactful lows for musicality that extends throughout your yard.

Expansive Outdoor Sound

Indoor Impact, Outdoors

All-Weather Series outdoor loudspeakers utilize unique Definitive Technology innovations to bring impactful indoor sound outside. Whether they’re playing quiet background music or bottom-heavy summer jams, All-Weather Series loudspeakers deliver clear, low, impactful audio that extends throughout your outdoor environment.

Custom-Engineered Drivers
for clean, detailed outdoor sound

The All-Weather Series are infused with the same painstaking engineering and technologies of Definitive Technology indoor speakers.

Clean, Crisp Highs

The All-Weather Series Aluminum Dome Tweeters' ultralight, rigid construction enables them to play significantly higher frequencies than we can hear, providing effortless, distortion-free performance within and beyond the audible range. The durable material also makes for an excellent outdoor driver choice.

No Compromise
Indoors or Outdoors

The big question that separates the best from the rest in outdoor speakers: Would you listen to them indoors? When engineering outdoor speakers, it’s tempting to compromise with a single full-range driver, or a closed-off speaker grille that keeps water out but also muffles sound — all in the interest of weatherproofing. 

Definitive Technology All-Weather Speakers go all the way for sound quality, featuring custom-engineered tweeters, midrange/woofers, passive bass radiators, and transparent grilles, just like their indoor big brothers.

Transparent grilles

Custom-engineered midrange/woofers

Custom-engineered tweeters

Wired vs. Wireless
Bulletproof Performance

Wireless speakers can be wonderful, but for ultimate sound quality and rock-solid reliability, wired speakers like the All-Weather Series are the way to go. For starters, wired speakers can easily surpass wireless speakers in frequency response. Wired speakers deliver zero-latency lip-syncing when playing TV, movies, or video games outdoors. And with wired speakers, the party never stops when you receive a smartphone call or leave Wi-Fi range.

Built for the Long Haul

Weatherproof Wonders

Mount anywhere, hear everywhere: The integrated galvanized steel mounting brackets and unique enclosure shape enable full 360° rotation. Place your speakers just about anywhere while directing the audio to reach everywhere. Add as few or as many as desired; they scale to any outdoor space.

Ready to Play
Come Rain or Come Shine

The All-Weather Series can withstand rain, snow, and temperature extremes that drive us mortals indoors. With Definitive Technology’s proprietary weather seal defending the subwoofers, tweeters, and passive radiators, it’s no wonder these loudspeakers boast a class-leading 5-Year Warranty.

Tough PolyStone™ Exterior
Bring it on Mother Nature

Definitive Technology’s exclusive, rugged PolyStone™ enclosure can take all that nature can muster. The black finish is highly fade-resistant, and the white finish is both fade-resistant and paintable. For accurate outdoor audio, PolyStone enclosures, coupled with mesh aluminum grilles, provide an acoustically neutral, anti-resonant home for the tweeter, subwoofer, and passive radiator. They’ll last for many years, and never stop sounding great.