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Demand Series

Superior materials, precision workmanship, and rigorous engineering inform the Demand Series’ exquisite sound. We obsessed over every detail to thrill with every note.


Superior Materials

Precision Worksmanship

Rigorous Engineering

To Thrill With Every Note

Meticulous Musicality

Driven by Custom Technologies

Every technology decision throughout the development of Demand Series speakers was made to deliver the finest music reproduction in your home.

Proprietary Drivers
for clean, detailed, balanced audio

Definitive Technology designed the drivers in the Demand Series to deliver a perfectly balanced, precise, musical sound.

Clear, Precise Highs

Definitive Technology aluminum dome tweeters deliver a clear, precise high frequency response. Their ultralight, rigid construction enables them to play significantly higher frequencies than we can hear, providing effortless, distortion-free musicality. Their 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™ smooths high frequencies for improved dispersion and an open, airy listening experience.

Passive Bass Radiators

The Demand D17 and D15 floor-standing speakers feature integrated side-firing passive radiators, creating more bass-radiating surface area than a ported woofer. This extra surface area moves more air, resulting in massive low end that makes subwoofers purely optional. And because passive radiators don’t require a port, the bass output is clean, with no port noise distortion that can muddy the midrange.

Audiophile-Quality Crossovers

The Demand Series crossovers are built with the latest premium audiophile-quality parts, including polypropylene metal-film capacitors and air-core inductors. These high-end components meticulously manage frequencies for clean and crystalline treble, refined and articulate midrange, and linear, low-distortion bass. This ensures that every detail comes through within a clear, balanced presentation that never sacrifices power.

Not just for music

Exquisite home cinema, too

The meticulous attention to detail that enables Demand Series speakers to beautifully reproduce music also enables them to them flawlessly reproduce home theater audio. With our range of tower, bookshelf, and center channel speaker options, anyone can build an immersive surround sound system for any home theater.

As Beautiful as They Sound

Definitive Technology engineers devote obsessive attention to every detail of the Demand Series sound. They also lavish the same level of attention to the way Demand Series speakers look in your home. Classic lines, thoughtful material choices, and a minimalist high-end art aesthetic enhance the room and romance the eye.

Precision-milled components

Pebble-blasted aluminum baffle

White and black color options