Demand Series 

Definitive Technology high-performance bookshelf speakers. 



Definitive Technology Demand Series high-performance bookshelf speakers deliver full-range, room-filling sound and precise imaging in a modern, elegant styling. Featuring technology advancements to both our aluminum dome tweeter and mid-range/woofer sections, each speaker delivers an unrivaled sweet spot, smoother high-frequency reproduction, and three-dimensional imaging for the most technically-advanced, premium bookshelf listening experience. 

  • High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers with 6.5" BDSS Drivers, 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeters and 6x10" Passive Bass Radiators

  • High-Performance Bookshelf Speakers with 5.25" BDSS Drivers, 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeters and 5x9" Passive Bass Radiators

  • High Performance Bookshelf Speakers with 4.5" BDSS Drivers, 1" Aluminum Dome Tweeters and Bass Ports




Its versatility is what sets it apart from other metals. Superior acoustics. Light and malleable. Concentrated rigidity. These unique properties aid our advanced engineering method, wherein we melt it down, reform and treat it for use as high-output, high-performance aluminum dome tweeters. And it's intrinsic to our design process. Brushed, anodized and deliberately set in all the right places to entice your eyes, it's the metal that adds to the luxury and mystique of our minimalist appeal.


1" Aluminum Dome Tweeter with 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™ and Laterally Offset Tweeter Assembly

Coupled with our new 20/20 Wave Alignment Lens™, our annealed aluminum dome tweeter delivers smoother high frequency response and improved dispersion for a rich and balanced listening experience. Offsetting the tweeter by 5° delivers a more precise center stereo image by eliminating undesirable symmetric diffraction off the corners of the front baffle.  


Linear Response Waveguide™

Patented Linear Response Waveguide extends both on and off axis frequency response, while improving dispersion for more natural mid-range timbre and more precise imaging.  

Demand elegance 

Painted Piano Black Cabinet

Each cabinet is hand-crafted to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle—meticulously sanded, painted with five layers of premium black gloss paint, then buffed for a near-mirror finish (Level 6) for an uncompromising look in your home.