The Versatile Advantages of Bipolar Speakers

Bipolar speakers have a variety of uses to achieve full-range sound in all of your home audio, whether you're listening to music or enjoying home theater.

Many home theater and music enthusiasts don’t know about the versatile advantages of bipolar speakers. At the most fundamental level, they can unlock awesome possibilities for your audio setup. These speakers are designed to create omnidirectional sound for a more room-filling music listening experience, or adding new dimension to surround sound for movies and TV.

Focused, room-filling sound

What distinguishes a bipolar speaker from traditional front-firing models is that it features both forward- and rear-firing drivers. And these drivers are in-phase, which means sound emanates from them simultaneously, creating a wider sound stage than what you hear from a single set of drivers.

A high-quality bipolar speaker like the BP9000 Series from Definitive Technology is capable of producing a broad spectrum of frequencies with clear, dynamic performance. Their acoustic and mechanical engineering aspects work in unison to provide, audiophiles with a deeper sonic experience that fills the room with lively tones of depth and precision, perfect for enjoying either music or movies.

Putting bipolar speakers to work in your home

For many movie fans, bipolar speakers are essential to a high-performance surround sound system. With their unique driver configuration, you get a wider field of sound and enhanced audio effects, especially when they’re powered by a receiver that’s capable of reproducing high-definition audio. And bipolar speakers even work great as rear surrounds, letting you level up on the performance factor of solely using them as front speakers.

. No matter where you decide to place them in your home, keep in mind that the key to maximizing the clarity of your system is making sure you leave enough space between each speaker and the walls of your listening area — about six inches should suffice. Otherwise, you risk muddling the sound when the waves reflect from the wall that’s behind them.

Definitive Technology has a long history of producing bipolar speakers with exceptional design and amazing sound. A decades-long history of engineering excellence ensures that you'll find the ideal speakers for your home theater.