Tech, Entertainment & the Heritage of Definitive Technology

For us, California is more than just our home. It's a part of our ideology.

Just north of our global design headquarters lies the birthplace of entertainment: Hollywood, California. Further north you’ll find the hub of technological innovation that is Silicon Valley. Both locales serve as inspiration to our obsession: Ensuring precision sound in is heard and felt in all of your home entertainment.

The sound experience – superior sound, at that – is just as integral to what we see. What would Star Wars be without the formidable tread of The Imperial March? Would we be as panic-stricken during Jaws were it not for the anxiety-inducing, foreboding baritone that signaled an incoming attack? On a lighter tone, the slightly absurdist comedy of Ghostbusters is nicely accentuated by its theme song, namely the classic line, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” Sound and music serve to heighten our relationship with film and entertainment.

In that same vein, we would not enjoy masterfully composed scores or iconic moments in dialogue were it not for the technology that makes it possible. Our obsession with creating vehicles for perfect sound is in no small part influenced by our proximity to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley, and California at large, have a reputation for being on the cusp of what’s next. Beyond the technology, Silicon Valley is continuously asking, what’s next? It’s fostered a culture that doesn’t understand the phrase “good enough.” There’s always room to innovate, to improve upon perfection. Definitive Technology engineers are constantly working to enhance the cutting-edge, patented technology within our speakers. We want louder sound, better clarity and unparalleled precision.

We’re always at the leading-edge when it comes to sound technology. We believe in refined, modern elegance and that’s reflected in our design ethos.. We do one better than bringing the movies home – we create an immersive soundstage that places you inside them. At Definitive Technology, we are equal parts innovator and entertainer. We’re scientists and story tellers. We’re California, through and through, and our obsession with perfect sound and unrivaled technology is part of our heritage. It’s who we were, and who we’ll always be.