Take Your Record Collection to the Next Level With Bookshelf Speakers

By assembling a high-quality home audio setup with a turntable and bookshelf speakers, you can finally unlock the precision sound you crave from your record collection.

Vinyl records are great, but we can agree on one thing: they’re not the most convenient format for listening to your favorite songs. Sure, you could easily access a digital file or quickly stream Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" from five different sources in the time it would take you to thumb through your collection to find your copy of "Highway 61 Revisited," pull the record from its sleeve and set it on the turntable. But  you care about the overall experience of enjoying music as it was meant to be heard. So, the digital route will not suffice.

That’s why when it comes to maximizing the sound of your treasured vinyl collection, the right equipment makes all the difference. Even if you're working with limited space, consider building a bookshelf system that delivers the precision sound you demand.

It all starts with the turntable

To assemble a reliably great home audio system for your records, you need to center it around a turntable that's designed and manufactured with care. For instance, the Denon DP 300-F is made from diecast aluminum and features a heavy base to prevent the distortion that can result from excessive vibration. Especially when paired with a high-output, moving coil cartridge like the DL-110, the right turntable will ensure you hear every detail of the performances on your records.

The versatility of a quality amplifier

A digital amplifier that's engineered for power and versatility will deliver both the volume and neutral playback you want, whether you're listening to a weathered vinyl record or a digital file. The Marantz HD-AMP1 provides you with high-resolution digital-to-analog conversion in a compact chassis that features a brushed alloy front panel and gorgeous woodtone side panels.

Exceptional sound to fit your space

Complete your system with speakers that fill the room with full-range dynamic sound while maintaining a small footprint. For example, Demand Series D7 high-performance bookshelf speakers from Definitive Technology combine an aluminum dome tweeter, balanced double surround system—and so much more—with elegant design that’s a treasure to behold in your home. And when you hear it, your record collection will never be the same again.

With the right equipment, your bookshelf system can really shine while it makes your record collection sound even better. Explore the full selection of bookshelf speakers available from Definitive Technology to find the right ones for your home audio setup.