Speakers that Stand Up to the Elements

If you're interested in all-weather speakers for your outdoor area, look for features like fully sealed designs and aluminum grilles that will keep them functioning at their best.

Winter has finally thawed, and we’ve moved into the ideal season to host friends and family in our backyards or by the pool. Taking your music outside requires some thought, if you want to enjoy the same sonic perfection you’d expect from a component system. In your living room,  it’s relatively simple to carefully arrange an audio system for optimum performance — but outside, you're at the mercy of the elements. It’s vital to choose all-weather speakers that consistently deliver exceptional results.

Speakers built to withstand the weather

A set of patio speakers allows you to set the vibe for barbecues with classic rock favorites and relax in the evening breeze while you enjoy a string concerto. Of course, sometimes the wind picks up and unexpected rain clouds roll in. That's when you need to be confident that your speakers were engineered for durability.

All-weather speakers from Definitive Technology are made to handle the uncertainty of outdoor conditions with fully sealed designs that are both air and watertight. Aircraft-grade aluminum grilles and enclosures made from the polyester compound PolyStone keep electronics safe and audio at its best. You can choose between a classic black finish or a paintable white to ensure your speakers perfectly suit the decor on your deck or porch. Place them wherever you like with galvanized steel mounting brackets.

Take amazing audio outside

If you're going to appreciate the subtle nuances of music while you catch some sun in your backyard, you need speakers that match resilience with top-notch performance. Lesser speakers can't handle the power necessary for quality outdoor sound, losing the nuance and details of a song as a result. Look for a design that's made to eliminate distortion and maintain even dispersion under a wide range of conditions.

The AW5500 includes an array of features to ensure you get the full sonic experience you want. Balanced Double Surround System technology brings you accurate frequency response, offering wide dispersion and minimal distortion. With the BDSS pressure-coupled to a mid/bass radiator in a racetrack shape on the enclosure's opposite side, you get an expansive bass-radiating area that's ideal for outdoor spaces.

A mineral-filled polymer speaker cone with an integrated waveguide provides a smooth off-axis response for precise imaging. The high-temperature voice coil handles power efficiently and lessens distortion. A die-cast alloy basket cuts down on the ringing and vibration that can otherwise lessen sound quality.

Outdoor listening demands a lot from a speaker. That's why it's vital to purchase outdoor speakers that are precision-engineered to sound great for years to come. Check out the all-weather speakers available from Definitive Technology to discover the features you need to enjoy music at its best through all the changes the seasons bring.