Revisiting 'Halloween' with Definitive Technology

The remake of this cult classic is defined by its organic, methodical sonic effects — and it’s even scarier in surround sound.

Halloween has been successful for more than just its gore. A litany of films provide subject matter of a similar vein — a psychopathic murderer, a trapped heroine, blood and guts galore. Few haunt us the way that Halloween has been able to.

Beyond the mask, the sonic landscape of Halloween creates a foreboding dirge. There isn’t extraneous sound. It’s steady, measured breathing. The silence of stalking. The way his footsteps draw nearer, robotic and inhuman. Just enough sound to make you worry — what’s around the corner? Never enough to provide an escape to safety. The sound story of Halloween can be summarized as this: a steady descent into madness.

The five channels of dedicated drivers and amps in the Studio Advance drive full 5.1 reproduction, precise imaging and wider soundstage. Feel the horror of Michael Myers’ approach in visceral, room-filling detail. With dedicated left, center and right channel drivers and amps for advanced sound decoding, the Studio Slim delivers its own sonic realism to match the horror of the film. Either way, you’re free to fill the room with terror…or more likely, empty it. When it sounds this real, we won’t blame you for running. 

Studio Advance

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699.00 system

Studio Slim

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