Re-experience Saving Private Ryan with Surround Sound

Re-watch this iconic film with Definitive Technology to capture the guts and glory in a whole new way.

Some scenes force their way into our memory. The bloody cacophony of gore and human misery on the beaches of Normandy in Saving Private Ryan is one such scene that remains forever imprinted in the highlight reel of pop culture phenomena. When revisiting the film in Dolby Atmos, the horror becomes all the more visceral…and terrifying. The sea drums angrily against the boat, drenching the soldiers before they disembark and run into the howling of machine guns. Each weapon, each shell whips and cracks in such detail, you can’t help but feel your blood pressure rise as the anxiety builds. Its immersive. It’s horrifying. It’s the closet we can get to that day in Normandy, when Allied soldiers stormed the beach for the sake of all they knew and held dear. You may have seen Saving Private Ryan, but you haven’t experienced it until you play the film with surround sound enabled.

The surround sound immersion of the ProCinema 6D brings the glory — and the guts — of film to life. Compact with a minimal footprint, it delivers full-range audio and superior detail. Explosions are thunderous and clear, thanks to the included powered subwoofer that handles nuance in the low-end with ease. The Definitive Technology patented Linear Response Waveguide creates a natural midrange timbre and clarity, and a new re-voiced crossover adds precise imaging and smooth high-frequency extension. Bullets whiz, missiles scream, and the painful cries of the wounded are searing. It’s immersive, alright. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Re-watch your favorite films with Definitive Technology home theater systems to experience them in unrivaled detail. 


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