Minimalism and the Design Ethos of Definitive Technology

"Minimalism is more than a style - its a principle."

Definitive Technology was born from a desire to give all of your home theater and music a certain level of sonic distinction, one that inevitably revolutionized the audio landscape. Our founder hired the brightest minds he could find – engineers, classically trained musicians, artists – to architect the perfect speaker. Today, Definitive Technology is still home to musicians and engineers who hail from universities like MIT, John Hopkins, Stanford and Princeton. And our engineers and designers, all artists in their own right, honor the design ethos of minimalism and Bauhaus concepts not only in appearance, but in our approach to sound technology.

Design That Transcends Time

Minimalism is timeless, because it’s more than a style — it’s a principle. The Bauhaus school, considered to be a champion of modern minimalist design, sought to merge traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. It goes beyond the trend, evoking elegance and maturity throughout the ages. Stroll through a house designed in the Bauhaus style, and though you will find it devoid of clutter, it does not lack a clear voice. Minimalist homes and spaces have few decorative pieces. Instead, each room may have one or two focal points. The eye is naturally drawn to the central piece, whether it’s a painting, sculpture, scenery — or in our case, speakers. These selections are curated, often expensive, and meant to be the statement for the space. In the same way, Definitive Technology engineers and industrial designers draw from forms that are both classical and progressive. There is purpose in stripping away the excess. Remove what’s superfluous, and you’re left with honest design.

Minimal Form, Maximum Sound

Honesty is a cornerstone of Bauhaus. The movement teaches “truth to materials” as a tenant, asking that the materials used are in their most raw, truthful form. The nature should not be changed. Definitive Technology engineers design speakers with aluminum treatments, near monolithic stature and even gloss-black finishes to achieve a striking look that is both refined and bold all at the same time. Beyond the look, what you get is crystal clear, space-defining sound. Ken Chae, Director of Industrial Design at Definitive Technology said it best: “When we minimize form, we can amplify detail.” We amplify smoother high-frequency reproduction, three-dimensional imaging, room-filling sound and unparalleled clarity. The precision is unmistakable. 

Where Art Meets Intelligence

Pure sound is our obsession. We apply a high level of intelligence to our design to create forms that are both pleasing to the eye as well as the ear, because form shouldn’t compete with function – it should elevate it. Definitive Technology engineers speakers that offer beauty and precision in tandem, enhancing the sound for immersive, 3D imaging and unrivaled audio definition. We revere all aspects of the audio experience, from design to technology to where we can take our speakers next. And like the artists before us who trained in the style of minimalism, we create technology that is slated to stand the test of time. This is the next step forward.