Definitive Technology Reaches New Heights at CES 2019

Definitive Technology ascends new levels of sonic immersion with IMAX Enhanced at CES 2019.

CES 2019 provided two big takeaways for the team at Definitive Technology. First — IMAX Enhanced is one of the most exciting innovations to hit the home theater in several years. And second, Hi-Fi is moving away from CES in favor of smaller, more focused shows. However, at the Definitive Technology suites in The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, Hi-Fi (and home theater) was alive and well.

To demonstrate the power of IMAX Enhanced, we partnered with legendary amplification manufacturer, Marantz. Combining our BP9000 Series bipolar speakers alongside the bone-rattling SuperCube subwoofers with Marantz amplification, we expertly showcased the power and immersion IMAX Enhanced has to offer. The full demo was a 7.2.6 setup, featuring our BP9080 (x2), BP9060 (x6), A90 (x4) and SC8000 (x2) speakers paired with Marantz AV8805, PM-10S1, and an MM8077. Some of the films showcased included new IMAX releases, including Jumanji, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Ready Player One. These action-packed films proved even more entertaining with explosions ricocheting down the Venetian hallways. 

In addition to partnering with Marantz for a multi-channel IMAX Enhanced home theater demo, we also tapped the amplification gurus to demonstrate our award-winning two-channel rig. A pair of Demand Series D11 bookshelf speakers, combined with the critically-acclaimed Marantz KI Ruby Series integrated amplifier and SACD player, provided the results you’d fully expect: audio bliss. This setup sounded so great it earned us recognition at the New York Audio Show in 2018 and for good reason, it simply sounds fantastic.

While we were one of few remaining in the Venetian Hi-Fi Suites, we were pleased to see analog on the up-and-up. New turntables, ever-improving cabling and tube amps shone bright among the few vendors around. Overall, we are excited for what 2019 has in store for Hi-Fi and home theater, including more broadly used object-oriented formats. As you’ve come to expect, Definitive Technology continues to lead the pack with some of the best-sounding speakers available to home theater aficionados and two-channel lovers everywhere. 

The Definitive Technology home theater amazed all comers at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, CES 2019.

Hi-Fi listening, elevated and powered by Definitive Technology Demand Series.