Definitive Technology Lifestyle: Pair These Hand-Picked Whiskeys with Our American Rock Playlists

These hand-crafted playlists pair nicely with smooth American whiskey.

It would come as a surprise to few that the audio engineers and industrial designers at Definitive Technology believe in the transportive power of great music. That said, we can also agree that any song can be enjoyed two-fold when paired with another sensory element – a beautiful skyline view, delicious accouterments or a stiff drink. So, it’s with great pleasure that we suggest breaking out some libations that pair well with a litany of classic songs to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

 After our audio engineers poured over their favorite American rock ballads and carefully sorted them into playlists, all that was left to do was hand-pick a premium American whiskey. None of us would feel comfortable blindly recommending a whiskey – so we went out and tried some on your behalf. Without further ado, please enjoy and sip responsibly.

Pairing No.1: Legends of Rock with Booker’s “Tommy’s Batch”

 Even at first glance, we should have known this bourbon whiskey was set on leaving a mark. The deepest, darkest hue of amber distilled by Booker’s, it comes at you from every angle with hits of caramel and smoke. This 128-proof bourbon is rich with a complex blend of vanilla, oak and sour cherry that ignites a feeling of intensity within you. “Tommy’s Batch” – which is named for a longstanding employee of Booker’s as an homage  to his retirement – clings to the back of your throat, scattering notes of black pepper as a final jab and leaving us to imagine that the man for whom the bourbon was named must have been a force, no doubt.

 This bold whiskey is ideal for invigorating nights. Sip it alongside our playlist Legends of Rock, and get amped for a show, pack for an upcoming trip to Vegas, write your Best Man speech or compose the next Clancy-esque American espionage. Booker’s “Tommy’s Batch” is best paired with John Wayne grit and legendary rock albums. We hope Tommy is enjoying his retirement as much as we enjoyed his bourbon.

 You can find Booker’s “Tommy’s Batch” here. Listen to our Legends of Rock playlist on Spotify and Tidal

Pairing No. 2: Smooth and Cool with Redemption Rye

 If “Tommy’s Batch” is like lightning over the ocean,  Redemption Rye feels like a soft, summer rain. The smooth, floral flavor and citrus notes lend an authentic American rye taste. Even though you may distinguish several flavor profiles in this 92-proof rye, none of them overpower the others. It’s complex and intriguing, each sip revealing a taste you didn’t notice just moments before. Redemption Rye feels like a chorus – not just one singer, but a few. Not one singular essence, but many that work in harmony with one another.

 Redemption Rye pairs nicely with our Smooth and Cool playlist. Both the soft melody of the songs as well as the subtlety of the whiskey will help you wind down and settle in for the evening. Drink it after an arduous day at work, as a nightcap with a date or when you want to be transported into slowed down simplicity.  

 You can find Redemption Rye here. Listen to our Smooth and Cool playlist on Spotify and Tidal

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