BP9000 vs BP8000: How the Best in Home Theater Got Better

Get a closer look at the advanced improvements made in the BP9000 Series.

The redesign, reimagining and arrival of the BP9000 Series ushered in high-performance, full-range sound that elevated the technology found in BP8000 speakers: Forward Focused Bipolar Array, built-in powered subwoofers, Intelligent Bass Control™ and seamless Dolby Atmos® integration. By striving for impeccable sound, we created a full component series that totally aligns with a more precise, refined audio experience.

Seamless Dolby Atmos® Integration

The BP9000 Series is the first of its kind to fully integrate with Dolby Atmos®, a revolutionary sonic technology that truly immerses the listener with object-based audio heard in movies – a helicopter lifting off, rain overhead or a car horn blaring. Filmmakers using Dolby Atmos® can dictate where each of these sounds should originate and how they move throughout the scene as it develops, offering a level of precision unlike before. The Definitive Technology BP9000 Series was designed with the latest home authoring tools and encoding methods to play audio as the filmmaker and director intended, with perfect clarity.

Intelligent Bass Control™

In other speaker systems, it is not uncommon for the midrange to suffer a lack of sound quality and precision when the subwoofers are turned up to full capacity. But we believe low end should be detailed and clear, regardless of volume—knowing deep, tight, accurate bass is a must, especially in home theater. Utilizing state of the art DSP processing in the PWM amplifiers, and countless hours of measurements and subjective listening, Definitive Technology engineers developed a complex algorithm for the DSP that maintains proper octave to octave balance of the system as bass is increased on the subwoofer amplifier. Regardless of how much bass is needed or the loudness of the audio, the bass is tight, and a smooth spectral balance is achieved.

Advanced Crossover Technology

On a continuous journey to improve upon technology and performance, Definitive Technology engineers revisited system designs to extract even better sound from a time-tested acoustic platform. Our engineers and industrial designers crafted the BP9000 to improve blending between MTM (Midrange/Tweeter/Midrange) array and the active subwoofer. Second-order electric high pass crossovers were added to the first-order sealed box system, further optimizing crossover frequencies. In the subwoofer, low pass is enhanced by a second-order to a third-order crossover slope. Critical lower midrange definition, fullness and body is improved and overall spectral balance of the entire loudspeaker system has been strengthened as a result.

Minimalist Bauhaus Design

The BP9000 Series was designed with a keen nod to the Bauhaus movement, a school of minimalism rooted in mid-century Germany.  Minimalism is more than a style – it’s a principle. Bauhaus practices “truth to materials” as a core tenant, asking that the materials used remain in the purest form possible. The nature should not be changed. When design is scrubbed of excess and superfluous details, what’s left is honest. The BP9000 applies Bauhaus ideology, with an exposed aluminum base, removable top panel and an enclosure wrapped in an acoustically transparent black grille cloth. Its near-monolithic design is sleek and timeless, emphasizing that precise, clear sound is the focus.

Though the BP8000 Series was highly regarded, the reviews of BP9000 show that our redesign ushered in even higher performance and robust sound. In order to fully appreciate the advanced precision and refinement of the BP9000 series, you have to experience it for yourself. Elevate your home audio – learn more about the BP9000 Series.