Bi-Wiring Your Speakers Offers More Mid-Range Benefits

Bi-wiring speakers can enhance your mid-range, and is easy to accomplish on your own.

Enthusiasts of music and film are always looking to elevate the quality of their listening experience. And many decide that bi-wiring their speakers is a tested method to get more from their sound system, enhancing key elements of mid-range detail in the process.

How bi-wiring works

If your loudspeakers have two pairs of connection terminals instead of just one, that means you can bi-wire them. Over the years, this feature has become increasingly common, especially in higher-end equipment. That additional connection allows you to run two cables from each speaker to your amplifier instead of one, splitting the signal between high and low frequencies.

To prepare a speaker for bi-wiring, you must first remove the jumper bar that often connects the two terminals. Keep in mind that the jumper bar exists in the event you want to make the connection with a single cable.

Once the bar is gone, simply make the connection between the related amplifier outputs and the speaker terminals - making sure to match the positive and negative ends of the speaker wire accordingly. After that, power up and play your favorite music or movie to fully immerse yourself in the differences you hear.

Does doubling the connections double the sound quality?

Bi-wiring is intended to minimize impedance differences between high and low frequencies and its impact on the overall sound you experience. The result is an improvement in the midrange that many enthusiasts believe is significant enough to justify running the additional cable. You may not double the quality of your playback, but you will likely notice a major boost in clarity.

Getting the best results from your system as it relates to bi-wiring also relies on the quality of your speakers, amplifier(s)/receiver(s) and speaker cable. You also have to factor in listening preferences, since no two sets of ears are alike. Ultimately, what sounds right is up to you. And with Definitive Technology high-performance speakers gracing your audio setup, the sonic results are superior every time you listen, whether you're bi-wiring or not.